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About Us


AN Living is developing a socially conscious investment fund to help retiree homeowners living in private properties to monetise a portion of their home equity for their retirement needs, along with an inclusive digital platform centred around active ageing and financial preparedness.


We believe there is a need for a product like AN Living in Singapore because it is home to many 'asset-rich-cash-poor' seniors whose wealth is tied up in property and CPF, leaving them with little cash savings.


Few options exist for those who own and live in private properties such as condominiums and landed homes because they are unable to qualify for government subsidies, and existing schemes such as sub-letting and downsizing may not be an ideal solution for all households.


Meanwhile, equity release products such as reverse mortgages (which have since been discontinued) were not popular as they were viewed as complicated and restrictive.


What we do

We enable seniors to unlock the value of their private properties by authorising institutional investors to purchase a portion of their home equity. This provides the seniors with the peace-of-mind of a guaranteed annuity and term payouts to supplement their retirement savings, while retaining their full rights to continue living in the comfort of their own homes for life.

AN Living is currently working with renowned organisations who share our vision and are building up the business processes to serve our first customers in 2022.



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